Are you afraid to fail?


So what do you believe about failure?  Let’s start by realizing that it is a process surrounded by ideas,  beliefs, and emotions.  So, do you have empowering beliefs about failure or do you dread it?   How much better would it be to see “there is no failure; there is only feedback”?  Yes, you heard me right.

Think about it. When you set out to do something, you know where you currently are or what you have and then you set in your mind the idea of what you want.   When ready, you strike out and make an attempt to get what you want.   If you get it, success!   If you don’t get it, simply start the process over.  Gather the feedback by asking, “Where am I now, and what action should I take to get what I want?”   Then take another go at it and assess again.   It is no more complicated than that.

Now, you can make failure a nightmare experience if you enjoy that kind of thing.  Simply do the following:

  1. Start to personalize other people’s negative reactions to what you do.
  2. Take the the thoughts that your actions equal your self-worth in order to turn that thought into a belief.
  3. Repeat that belief to yourself long enough and it will habituate, dropping out of your awareness.  Then you can live life thinking, “This is just the way it is”!

You can make things even worse for yourself, but do you want to?   Do you want to see failure in any way that hinders you or makes your life miserable?  Maybe you understand all of this and still struggle with the idea of failure.

Are you ready to say NO to that and say YES to making failure your friend?   See a meta-coach.   We specialize in empowering you to get more out of life by re-framing limiting beliefs.   Contact me.  I would be happy to tell you more about it in your free introductory coaching session.

Next time we talk about how your brain operates off of the map that it created.