Be a Neuro-Contortionist!

Richard Rosson (stage name Rubber Ritchie) is a British contortionist.

How flexible are you?  I’m not referring to physically, but rather emotionally and mentally.  When something happens to you, do you have more than one way to handle it?  Is there a certain phrase or circumstance which always brings out of you the same, unhelpful response?

How much does this limit you?

The fact is that in any connected system, the element with the widest range of variability will always be the dominant influence.  This is called the “Law of Requisite Variety” and is taken from the field of Cybernetics.  This truth is especially true in the system of human relationships.

What if the next time you had a disagreement with someone, you were able to step into their shoes and see their perspective?  What if you could hear both sides like an unbiased 3rd party observer?  What would it do for your career and your personal life if you could control your emotions better than a contortionist twists their limbs?

Do you find yourself saying, “I am a big picture guy and I don’t do details”.  When you feel stress do you always back away?  Maybe you charge forward like a bull in a china shop!  What if you expanded your thinking styles or preferred ways of working?   How would that enhance your career?

All of this is within your reach if you are willing to learn flexibly in how you use the tools and programs you already posses in your brain.  A Meta-Coach is skilled at helping you do just that!  With precise questioning and staggering flexibility, we can guide you to a more productive way of living.

If you are ready to learn some Neuro-Contortionist skills using Neuro-Semantics, contact me.  It won’t hurt a bit!