Beware of NLP?


It was a rare treat for this married couple with young children.  My wife and I went to a movie on our own!  Kingsman: The Secret Service, seemed like the least annoying option before us. It was halfway through the feature when I was utterly shocked!  They mentioned NLP using its full title, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, along with a description of a few techniques.  Amusement immediately followed shock from the context of that reference; to manipulate and seduce women.   Now let me be clear, malicious seduction is not amusing.  What I am fascinated by is the persistence of this stereotype of NLP.

At the heart of it all, NLP is a simply a model of communication.  It details out how we input and process information that results in our feelings and actions.  When packaged into powerful patterns, a great change can occur with minimal effort.  Richard Bandler and John Grinder made these discoveries in the 1970’s.  Understandably, in the thrill of their discovery they spread it around with no real regulation or oversight.  When groundbreaking tools fall into the hands of charlatans and salesman, bad reputations can ensue.  However it also fell into good hands, like Anthony Robbins.  His fame spread using NLP techniques exclusively.  He has since incorporated other insights into his training, but he never progressed past basic NLP.  Another student of Bandler, L. Michael Hall, took NLP and began to develop it.  Dr. Hall has enriched and added to these advancements into the field of Neuro-Semantics.

So, I want to make you aware of NLP.  Beware of ill-trained practitioners and immoral salesmen.  Also beware of the misinformation that persists regarding NLP.  If you check out Wikipedia is has a short paragraph stating it is a debunked theory.   That listing highlights the shortfalls of Wikipedia’s ability to police their standard of unbiased information gathering.  (Read this full article for the details.)  Final, be aware of the powerful tools of NLP and make good use of them by finding a qualified practitioner.

I know first-hand the quality of training and ethical standards of the Neuro-Semantic community.  They have the most rigorous standards of any coaching training.  They also continue to make advancements in the field of Human Development resulting in powerful transformations for people in 20 countries around the world.  I strive to provide high-quality service to all in the USA.

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