Beware of NLP?


It was a rare treat for this married couple with young children.  My wife and I went to a movie on our own!  Kingsman: The Secret Service, seemed like the least annoying option before us. It was halfway through the feature when I was utterly shocked!  They mentioned NLP using its full title, Neuro-Linguistic Programming,…

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ISIS fighters

Yesterday I had a great conversation with a friend regarding the current state of ISIS and how to stop it.  It was a great conversation because we did not completely agree!  Seeing something from another’s perspective is how mature people grow!  I promised to send my friend a perspective written by Dr. Michael Hall on…

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Self-Actualizing Politicians?

Thomas Jefferson Quote

This blog post is basically an advertisement for someone whom I greatly respect! Dr. L. Michael Hall is the man most responsible for creating the Meta-Coaching system  and igniting the New Human Potential Movement. He has written a series of books that are designed for those of us in the coaching profession.  However, I believe…

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The Peak Performance Formula


I want to get the most out of life!  If you are like me, at times, this goal felt out of reach, starting out with a head full of dreams but a lack of movement.  Other times marked by making great progress but burning out because there is no fulfillment to be found.   How helpful…

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Be a Neuro-Contortionist!

Richard Rosson (stage name Rubber Ritchie) is a British contortionist.

How flexible are you?  I’m not referring to physically, but rather emotionally and mentally.  When something happens to you, do you have more than one way to handle it?  Is there a certain phrase or circumstance which always brings out of you the same, unhelpful response? How much does this limit you? The fact is…

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The Map is not the Territory!


In case you are just joining us, we are going through a dozen or so presuppositions which many have found very helpful in making a positive change in their lives.  The first was to separate the person from the behavior.  The second was re-framing how one looks at failure.  The last blog covered how your brain makes the maps from which you…

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You are a map maker!

Map maker 2

Have you seen the movie The Matrix?  In this post we are going to talk about how you know what you know.  In fact, you may want to “fasten your seat belt Dorothy because Kansas is going bye bye.” – Cypher How do you know what is real?  “If real is what you can feel, smell,…

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Are you afraid to fail?


So what do you believe about failure?  Let’s start by realizing that it is a process surrounded by ideas,  beliefs, and emotions.  So, do you have empowering beliefs about failure or do you dread it?   How much better would it be to see “there is no failure; there is only feedback”?  Yes, you heard me right.…

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What do you assume?


My first leadership position at a job was a shift leader at a franchised KFC.   The owner’s wife was a driven, organized, and slightly inpatient women.   She had a saying (not original to her) which has always stuck with me, “Daryl, when you assume you make an ass out of you and me.”…

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Renovations in process

Welcome to the site dedicated to success in business and in life. We are in the process of redesigning our old site to provide you with great free content as well as premium services. Please check back soon to see the redesign.  Then you can check back often to discover fascinating new content. If you can’t…

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