The Meta-Coach Process.

The anatomy of a custom, life transformation experience.

Free Introductory Session.

Since each Meta-Coaching experience is unique, we must start with a no-strings-attached mutual evaluation and exploration.  Our goal is to give each person an opportunity to discover what it is that they truly want; a compelling goal which is a motivational powerhouse.    We also uncover what is behind the presenting problem / issue.  This session gives  unparalleled clarity. During this time, the coach will get a sense if they can help a person reach their goals and if there is a good fit.  If it is a good fit then, various package options will be presented.

High-pressure sales tactics never come into the picture.  This initial session is a time to give the gift of clarity and decide if we can work together.

Creation and execution of a Coaching Plan

Once the coaching package begins, the Meta-Coach and client will co-create a plan to achieve the desired outcome, laying out steps, stages, and detailed goals.  Then we launch into the adventure of getting you what you want using powerful tools to bring your inner and outer game to the next level.


Our clients give their all to go after their goals because they are 100% responsible for their own outcomes.

We give our all to facilitate your change.

The Meta-Coach foundation handles any complaints (just in case you need a safety net).

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?  Contact me for your free, introductory coaching session.