Meta-Coach Distinctives!

The unique training one undertakes to become a meta-coach.

How does the Meta Coach Foundation compare to the International Coach Federation?

The research behind Meta-Coaching.

While Meta-Coaching is a conversation, it is not simply a chat.   Nor is it therapy, training, or advice giving.   It is not an expert in domain-specific content.  Meta-Coaching is about facilitating through questioning, giving feedback, and operating as an expert in process or structure about how we run our own brains for more effective performances.   By being an expert at the level of structure, a skilled coach works at a level meta to {above} the content.

Meta-Coaching is not consulting, mentoring, counseling, or training.

1. Training

Teachers and trainers assume an expert role of the content, imparting conceptual knowledge to the students, but what if the student already knows more than they are doing! They know what they should do, but for some reason they cannot do it.

2. Mentoring

A mentor is someone who has achieved specifically what it is that you desire, also assuming a role above the mentee, they guide based on their life experience. The expert knowledge of the mentor is confined to their life experience.

3. Therapy/ Counseling

Therapy focuses on problems, their sources, the symptoms that result from those problems, how people are broken and dysfunctional, and diagnosis of such disorders. The skill of therapy is that of healing hurts, re-parenting, and bringing resolution to personal pain.

4. Consulting

A consultant claims to be an expert in the field in whih you would like help. They assume a role above the client, and give their opinions and advice, depending on their personal evaluation of the situation.

A Meta-Coach may at times step into the role of consultant, trainer, and work to resolve past limitations in service of your larger outcomes.  However as an expert in process facilitation, a skilled Meta-Coach works at the level of context, assuming that you are the expert of the content of your own life.

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