The Magic Question, "What do you want?"

Every action we take (outer game) flows out of our beliefs and thoughts about what we do (inner game).   Meta-coaches are trained to help you win the outer game by mastering your inner game.  We are experts in facilitating change!
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We maintain that Meta-Coaching is the most advanced, internationally tested system available
for human development.

  • It has a solid theoretical foundation based on Self Actualization Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Neuro-Semantics, and NLP.
  • The practical skills taught in Meta-Coaching were developed by analyzing the best life and business coaches in the world. Their expertise was broken down into steps and stages using the modeling skills found in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. All of this was built into an intensive, hands on training program.
  • Meta-Coaching is the only coaching system that uses a rigorous bench-marking system to ensure continued coaching excellence.
  • People of drastically different cultures in over 20 different countries are experiencing the same amazing results from Meta-Coaching!

Meta-Coaching is a ruthless, compassionate conversation that takes place within a safe, collaborative relationship which facilitates a higher level of performance.  This means it is:

1. Personal and relational. A collaborative relationship involving a working alliance that aims to empower the client

2. Facilitative and supportive. Supporting and facilitating top-notch behaviors in service of a desired outcome.

3. Solution and goal focused. Developing your skills so that you can find better solutions.

As an expert in process facilitation,  a skilled Meta-Coach works at the level of context, assuming that you are the expert of the content of your own life.  Your thoughts/frames of mind create your perceived reality. Your perceived reality determines your emotional states. Your emotional states leads to your behaviors and your behaviors are what determine your results.  So Meta-Coaches facilitate you to change the frames of mind, emotional states, and behaviors that are holding you back.  We then collaborate with you to implement the thinking patterns, emotions and behaviors that will empower you to create the life you desire.

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