Who needs this?

Meta-Coaching is a ruthless, compassionate conversation that takes place within a safe, collaborative relationship which facilitates a higher level of performance.

Meta-Coaching is not for everyone. Are you coach-able?

If you can say yes to any of the following, then Meta-Coaching is NOT for you:

  • Are you are satisfied with your current level of development?
  • Do you prefer to sit around and talk about your problems rather than to get up and do something about it?
  • Do you want someone else to give you the answer and to solve your problems for you?
  • Do you refuse to reflect and think deeply about personal issues in order to solve problems?

Meta-Coaching is for you if….

  • you are interested in self-development.
  • you want to set and achieve goals.
  • you have a dream that you are ready to pursue.
  • you are tired of the habits, beliefs, and excuses that are getting in your way.
  • you are ready to try again even if you “already tried it all”.

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If you are still not sure if you are up for the challenge, please read this in-depth article.