”Jason Schneider, Co-Founder & Lead Trainer”, ”Enhanced NLP Training”

In addition to being a great all around human being, Daryl Carlson is a great coach and a great friend. His veracious attitude towards learning, growing, and sharing as well as his genuine caring is an inspiration to me. Daryl’s coaching has been an integral part of my success and I am so glad that I chose to work with him. I highly recommend Daryl as a practitioner of Neuro-Semantics and as a Coach to anyone seeking growth in their personal life or in their career

”Mitch Williams”, ”Professional Inspirational Speaker”

"For years I struggled with inner obstacles to my success, and while I’d identified many of them and worked hard to overcome them, my progress was always gradual and incomplete.  I’d also been familiar with many of the basic principles and techniques that Daryl uses for several years, and had attempted to apply them, to varying degrees of success.  But in our very first session working together, Daryl was able to cut to the heart of my issues, helped me to identify them and address them in ways that were direct and immediate.  He has a terrific, potent, but gentle way of getting to the heart of your inner blocks and transforming them in powerful ways.  I honestly feel I made more progress in one session with Daryl than I have in the previous two or three years on my own.  I whole-heartedly recommend his meta-coaching services."

”Nick T.”, ”Attorney at Law”

I have recently had an opportunity to work with Daryl and to experience some of his Meta-Coaching techniques first hand.   From the beginning of our first session together, Daryl’s passion, knowledge, and abilities in this area were self-evident.  Daryl’s professionalism and demeanor made it extremely easy for me to discuss and explore what had previously been very personal areas in my life that I felt needed improvement.  Utilizing some of Daryl’s techniques, I was able to identify, very quickly, some of the root causes for those things that have been a hindrance to me in the past. As quickly as our first session Daryl was able to identify some causal connections to my specific concerns and was able to begin the process of overcoming those concerns.   I was able to make significant steps towards improvement almost immediately. Along with the expertise that Daryl has, he also exhibits a profound sincerity and level of care that I found to be very calming and welcoming.  I felt comfortable sharing my experiences with him as if he’d been working with me for years.  Daryl was even willing to meet with me at a location that was convenient for me and my schedule. It was a terrific experience that I intend to build upon in the future. I highly recommend Daryl’s services

”Scott Nickerson”, ”Nickerson Insurance”

I cannot recommend “It’s Your Brain, Unlimited” highly enough for personal success coaching. I worked personally with Daryl Carlson. Over the years I have been plagued by some long-standing emotional issues that were standing in the way of my success in business, and Daryl helped me to overcome these quickly. I began seeing changes immediately after our first few sessions together. Since coaching with him I have noticed a dramatic overall increase in my confidence and general well-being. I’ve found that people respond very differently to me than before, and I think that they recognize there have been some positive changes in me overall. The changes that Daryl has helped me bring about have, in turn, had a significant effect on my income. I am involved in sales and having self-confidence is crucial to my career. My income has increased steadily since Daryl and I started working together. Overall I am thrilled with the results that I have gotten while working with Daryl. It has changed my life!

”Brandi LaMie”, ”Restaurant Manager”

What strikes me most about Meta-Coaching is how effective it seems to be in such a concise time frame. I am a first born, get-to-the-bottom-line kind of person, time is my most precious commodity. This experience has offered two specific techniques in dislodging decisions from my brain: 1. The “Me/Not Me” exercise helped me to not default to taking responsibility for people and actions that are not mine. After growing up in an alcoholic environment and surviving physical and sexual abuse, this is a huge burden relieved. I now have the freedom to think before I take ownership of a choice. 2. The “Do-I-have-permission-to-think-this?” question has allowed me to discern what choices are mine verses what choices someone else made for me. It has created for me a categorization process for what ideas I will accept or reject, allowing me to reclaim a significant amount of time. My experience with “It’s Your Brain, Unlimited” has been elevating and empowering. I believe it to be a tool God has given me to help bind up broken parts of my heart and set me free