The Map is not the Territory!


In case you are just joining us, we are going through a dozen or so presuppositions which many have found very helpful in making a positive change in their lives.  The first was to separate the person from the behavior.  The second was re-framing how one looks at failure.  The last blog covered how your brain makes the maps from which you make decisions.  We now come to the core presupposition of NLP, which was coined by Alfred Korzybski when he said, “The Map is not The Territory” in his book “Science & Sanity” (1933).

Would you ever go to a restaurant and eat the menu? Yes, that sounds silly, but so many of us (myself included) do this sort of thing in our minds.  We confuse reality with our perception of reality.   Isn’t this confusion the cause of every political mud fight?  ”This is the way I see it; that is the way it is, and you are a ‘______’ if you don’t agree with me!”

Whatever you have going on inside of your head concerning any person, or event  is your perception of that person/event /thing and not the thing itself.  Our experiences come into our mind through our senses and are stored in our brains as internal representations of that experience.  Those representations are pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes and/or words which have been filtered, sorted, or even distorted by your brain in order to fit it into your neurological filing system.  Add to this the fact that we are thinking beings with self-reflexive consciousnesses.  That means we think about our thoughts and make judgments, feelings, and beliefs about them.  All of this goes into your neuro-map of the world from which you operate (which we touched on in the last post).

This information causes me to stop before I judge someone else, and I try to be more humble.  I now ask a lot more questions when trying to understand what someone is communicating.  This new insight also ignites in me a desire to pursue the truth even more.  I know the Territory is out there, and I want my map to be as accurate as possible even though I know it will never represent it perfectly.  There is a wonder,  vulnerability and power to being human that I endeavor to fully embrace each day.

What about you?  How do these facts impact how you will live today, next week, and the rest of your life?  Do you want to embrace your humanity fully and become the best you that you can be?  Do you want to free yourself from the bondage of believing that everything you think or believe is exactly how it is in the ‘real world’?  You have an amazing self-reflexive consciousnesses so don’t let it go to waste by letting it run on auto pilot.  Take advantage of our Meta-Coach services and discover how much better things can become.