The Peak Performance Formula


I want to get the most out of life!  If you are like me, at times, this goal felt out of reach, starting out with a head full of dreams but a lack of movement.  Other times marked by making great progress but burning out because there is no fulfillment to be found.   How helpful would it be to have a tool that reveals where you are in relation to living at a peak performance?

Dr. L. Michael Hall Ph.D. has spent nearly 20 years in pursuit of putting human potential into action.  This is one of the many tools he developed, The Meaning, Performance Axis.

The goal here is peak performance in any area of life.  Peak performance is achieved anytime your highest and most compelling beliefs/meanings meet your best performance.   Every action you undertake is always attached to a meaning or belief.   This is how your brain-body system is wired.  How healthy, powerful, and energizing are the meanings connected to the actions you take?  Many people have damaging beliefs tied to performance.  For example, a workaholic may believe that their self-worth is directly tied to their bank account.   A dreamer may believe that taking action leads to humiliation.  This grid be helpful, but how can you use it?  Take family life as an example:

First, discover your real meanings connected to family.  What do you believe about spending time with your family?  What does it mean to be a good spouse?  What impact do you as a parent have on your children?  How important is family to you?  Mark on that vertical continuum the quality of your meanings. Next, gauge with brutal honesty your performance.  How much time do you spend with your spouse and children?  What is the quality of your interactions?  How consistent are you?  Mark your overall performance on the horizontal line.  Third, mark the point of intersection on the grid and see where you are at in relation to the peak performance zone.  Finally, honestly search out what meanings would more powerfully compel you.  What actions will you take to bring the results you want?  Make the connection between your beliefs and actions to go after the life you truly desire.

Dr. Hall also developed the field of Neuro-Semantics and co-created the Meta-Coaching system to propel people toward their dreams.  Hiring a Meta-Coach will take your leaps and bounds toward a balanced, productive life.  The first session is always free so you can try us out with no pressure to help you determine if we are the right fit for you.

I’ll end this article they way Dr. Hall ends all his correspondence,

To your Highest and Best,
Daryl Carlson, Meta-Coach