What do you assume?


My first leadership position at a job was a shift leader at a franchised KFC.   The owner’s wife was a driven, organized, and slightly inpatient women.   She had a saying (not original to her) which has always stuck with me, “Daryl, when you assume you make an ass out of you and me.”   Of course, she was referring to taking something for granted or believing something to be true without checking.

I want to challenge you to apply this rule to your thinking presuppositions.

Each one of us presupposes many things to be true as we think, feel, speak and act.   Call them foundation thoughts if you will.  You had good reason to take those thoughts to be fact, most often in childhood, and they helped get you to where you are today. However, do they still serve you well?

I am going to examine a dozen helpful presuppositions, and when you accept them as fact, you may find that things get even better for you, now.    So, for this blog we will quickly look at the first one…

Separate Person from Behavior!   People are more than their actions, words, emotions, roles, etc.
People have immeasurable worth!   Our founding father’s believed this.   The abolition of slavery presupposed this.   You may think that you already know this as well.   However, have you found yourself saying things like, “I am stupid, or He is a cry baby”?   Maybe you should find out what unwise things you do which you want to change.  How is that man behaving in immature ways?   What might have happened to that person to cause them to choose to behave that way, at that particular point in time?”

You have heard the phrase, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  Well,  the whole person is so much more than the sum of their individual thoughts, emotions, words and behaviors.  Does understanding this making it easier to examine yourself with compassion and honesty?  You are more than your behavior!

This presupposition is just one of the many which can help you take charge of yourself and bring more success and joy to your work and personal life.

Empowering your beliefs about other people is just one area where a meta-coach can serve you well. We have the skills and tools to help you see precisely what belief is driving which behavior.   Then you can see easily the specific thing which you can change and have the accountability to make it happen.

Next time we will look at the myth of failure